Personal loan for the people drawing less income

Most of the Singapore banks target mainly on the well paid employees for a personalloan, while the people drawing less income are often desperate. Many traditional micro financing institutions may cover low income sector of people, yet with a higher rate of interest. However, some banks in Singapore like Citibank offer instant personal loans for the people with low income because the emergency expenses like medical bills, weddings, repairs, renovation, etc., happen even to them.

Apart from the low income generators, the small businessmen experience unpredictable payments from clients. Although the income is certain, the time or the amount may be unknown. Similarly, perhaps the bonus amount is unknown for the employees and under such indecisive situations, the Singaporeans can benefit from the Citibank Singapore Ready Credit Scheme. The new Citibank customers can take advantage of 4.83% per annum interest rate for the loan for 3 years.

Singaporeans with the annual income as low as S$30,000 (S$42,000 for expatriates) can avail instant loan from the Citibank Singapore Ready Credit Scheme. Further, 4 times the monthly income can be availed as the credit line. Besides offering an instant loan approval within one hour of time, the interest rate is nominal and it decreases as the tenure increases.

Around the world, 1% cash discount can be availed on the retail purchases by using the Citibank Ready Credit Card. Moreover, online fund transfer and balance transfer (at a nominal interest rate) facilities are also allowed.


Author: Nicole Judy

Nicole Judy is a Wealth Specialist with one of Singapore's largest specialist financial planning organization also play as a Financial Adviser. As a financial planner, Nicole Judy currently provide professional portfolio advisory to corporations and individuals in the following specialties: Asset Protection and Insurance; Savings and Investments; as well as Legacy Planning, Wills and Trusts. He also specializes in unlocking investible cash from client's current assets and pride himself in providing a way for client to purchase assets with zero cash outlay and zero interests to service. In addition, Nicole Judy seeks to continuously upgrade himself by putting himself through challenges as well as learning from people from all walks of life. Specialties: Multi-currency Wealth Management Retirement Planning & Pension Transfers University Fee Planning Legacy Planning, Trusts & Wills Corporate Solutions CPF investments Life insurance, medical cover and health insurance Business succession planning Professional and Personal Development of People, Leadership and Talent Management, Team-Building with Team Ability Tools Unique Learning Process and Programs that Impact on Performance and Profits of Companies with Measurable Results Also, a Talent Scout and Talent Manager for Infopreneurs - Entrepreneurs who have a deep expertise in knowledge and share them via seminars and workshops.

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