Privilege Banking

What is Privilege Banking?

Privilege Banking simply put, is offering you banking services with a dash of personalized extra benefit preferential treatment. Which means, you get more than a non-privileged patron, in terms of attention, turnaround times for tasks, interest rates, discounts and exclusive offers?

This not just enhances your banking experience but also gives you a level of service that is a bit more evolved and in line with your financial position.

What are the typical benefits of Privilege Banking?

Almost all Privilege Banking options include preferential treatment through dedicated service areas, and dedicated staff to cater to your needs. With a dedicated service area, you reduce your wait time and reduce your turn around times. As a patron you even have 24/7 support for your queries.

As a privileged customer with a need for customized advice pertaining to your finances, many services include special advisory services for your investment and financial planning.

A slew of banks in Singapore today, offer Privilege Baking for their special patrons and almost all of them include in their offerings, dedicated attention and special advisory services. What differentiates them from the others is what they offer, over and above this basic common feature.

Some may offer preferential exchange rates, while some others may offer a concierge service to attend to just about any requirement. Market insights, updates and critical information that can positively impact your finances can also be offered as a part of your Privileged status.

The icing on the cake however is the lifestyle benefits that come as a part of Privilege Banking. Since most privileged patrons look for a more exclusive experience, banks vie with one another to offer the best deals in terms of dining, luxury resorts, exotic locations and health treatment.

Banks offer their patrons privileged access to ‘entry by invite only’ kind of lifestyle events that add an extra little bit to the banking relationship itself. So make the most of it, the next time you take a vacation.

How to go for Privilege Banking?

If you’ve had a relationship with a bank for a reasonable period of time, and if your banking needs have grown with the growth in your income, you might as well ask your bank to offer you the Privilege Banking service option( if your bank has not already approached you for it). Go ahead, walk into a branch and discover the next tier of banking with Privilege banking, because you deserve it.